Most genealogists embark on a few long-term projects during their career.  A project may be the result of an area of particular interest or skill on the part of the researcher, or merely a vexing problem they have encountered along the way.  Here are a few that I have going.


➤YELLOW CREEK DEMOGRAPHICS PROJECT – This is a lengthy project attempting to document and reconstruct the Scottish community in Yellow Creek Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.  This township lies on the Ohio River, adjacent to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  A group of Highland Scots, most from the area around Inverness, settled this area in the early 1800’s.

➤GIS AND GENEALOGY -This project is an effort to understand how Geographic Information Science might serve the field of genealogy.  What questions might we better be able to answer by leveraging the spatial analysis capabilities of GIS?  Can genealogists make better use of the relational database aspects built into most GIS software?  Preliminary paper submitted to the APG Quarterly in May of 2014.

➤SINGLE NAME STUDIES – Several single-name studies are in progress.

WAINEY – this study involves Waineys currently living in the United States and their ancestors from Scotland and Ireland.  This is an uncommon surname.

RETTGER – this study involves Rettgers living primarily in Cleveland, Ohio, and Elk County, Pennsylvania.  An effort is underway to connect these two families through immigrant ancestors.

SHORT – a more extensive study of a common surname, focused on those living in and around Bitton, Gloucestershire, England, in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

GARTHWAITE – while not a true single-name study, this is an attempt to connect the Garthwaite, Downs, Ranson, Carr, and Russell families of Durham, England.