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Standard Family History Research – This type of research involves answering questions about relationships between people, identities of ancestors, and events in our ancestors’ lives.  This is the most common type of genealogical research.

Spatially Focused Research – Reconstruction of neighborhoods and production of graphics and maps specific to an area in which an ancestor lived.

Record Retrieval from Local Respositories – I am located in Tucson.  Travel to most places in Pima, Yuma, Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties can be done in one day.

Genealogy Database and Information Organization – Assistance with entering data into genealogy database software, organization of documents and photographs, tracking citations for records, etc.

Other Projects on Request – Do you need assistance with something not mentioned here? Please feel free to contact me.

Please Note:  My research expertise is focused on U.S., British, and some Canadian records.  I do not speak Spanish, but do have access to a translator.  Rates available upon request.